NYTimes: In Britain, Austerity Is Changing Everything

In Britain, Austerity Is Changing Everything https://nyti.ms/2J8ApU5

Excerpts from the New York Times:

“The government has created destitution,” says Barry Kushner, a Labour party councilman in Liverpool and cabinet member for children’s services. “Austerity has nothing to do with economics. It was about getting out from under welfare. It’s about politics abandoning vulnerable people. ”

London politicians used budget deficits as an excuse to cut spending on the poor while handing tax cuts to corporations. Robin hood, reversed.

Today, more than a quarter of Liverpool’s roughly 460,000 residents are officially poor, making austerity traumatic.

“Austerity isn’t a necessity,” says Dr Bowers, “It’s a political choice, to move Britain in a different way. I can’t see a rationale beyond further enriching the rich while making the lives of the poor more miserable. ”

Police and fire stations are being closed, shops businesses boarded up. Schools are giving free breakfasts to children who’s parents cannot afford to feed them. People having to use Food Banks. People’s benefits being cut, going without gas and electricity.

We’re the fifth richest country in the world.

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