Richards Brief

For this brief I have decided to document the town of Blackburn Lancashire in Abstract. I feel that Blackburn is quite a poverty stricken place and I would like to photograph it in a positive light from my viewpoint.


Above is a contact sheet of the first two shoots I have done so far on this subject. As you can see I have used long exposures and my images are either underexposed or overexposed.

At present I have got my inspiration from artists Mark Rothko and Piet Mondrian and photographer Wolfgang Tillsman. Piet Mondrian has had a great influence on me and someone whom I admire dearly.

I am looking forward to where this project is going to take me and excited about the knowledge I am going to gain along the way. This includes learning about and discovering other photographers’ whom i have not yet discovered.

As you can see above, Mondrian has a great influence on my style of photography. His tree series had a great influence on me also which has inspired me to implement it into this project.

Piet Mondrian’s tree series in particular caught my eye. As you can see above I have taken inspiration from Mondrian’s work and put my own stamp on it.

I think that if one loves what they do it is clearly evident in their work. When researching photographers I have a tendency to buy their book as the additional information is invaluable.




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