The Studio: Martyn Pearson Masterclass

Friday 2nd October our tutor gave us a masterclass in the studio I found it informative and I learnt alot regarding lighting I tend to over think things when really it is quite simple During the tutorial I decided to take photographs step by step as the class progressed I learn much better when I’m being shown/going along Here are some of the images I took:

The Studio

Here we were talking about various fittings,  snoot, honeycomb, light box etc …

The Studio

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This is my contact sheet which I took of the masterclass on my mobile phone. I thought it would be easier being able to visualize the workshop rather than trying to memorize. Honeycomb gives a more gentle light which isn’t too harsh. Snoot gives a circle of light which doesn’t look good! Soft box can be moved around to make light softer or harder. A small light source will give harsh shadows. A big light source will give softer shadows.

When working in the studio you have to be in control of where you are, for example, when photographing people you have to be in control. It is your job to give instructions, after all they do not know what you want, they are asking you what you want them to do. You have to be confident and not be frightened of touching people, move their shoulders this way, or their head that way. You should have a picture in your head, Pre visualization- is about already seeing the photograph. Concept goes through the whole process of the session.

Sometimes you might achieve a picture you preferred from what you had in your visualization. The studio is a photographers playground, so just play, making lots of mistakes is how you learn. Eventually you will get to the point where you see the photograph. You will know which camera you are going to use be it film, digital, medium format, but you need to practice so you can get to this point.

Illuminating the face came from the dutch painters. In Amsterdam the houses were tall and wide with the canals. Light came from above at steep angles, it was the richest city in the world at that time, houses had small windows, they couldn’t get large windows. So the light had a small aperture coming in through small windows. Paintings were a huge influence on how a photographer did his work because they had no other work to compare it to.

All a photograph can do is show what something looked like when it was photographed. It can show form and shape and give impression of depth. Combination of light and dark bits that show shape and form. The further light travels, the less bright it is.


When In The Studio

Whatever is in your photograph they are all of equal importance. Consider background, It has not got to distract from the main subject, it has not got to conflict with what you are photographing. Mundane objects are great things to photograph. The more mundane (white plastic cup) the more you have to do with it. In the workshop, our tutor used a feather (photos above). You would have to think about a suitable background. A sheet of paper was used, scrunched up so it had lots of creases in it, which was then used as a background.

Create a space where you can work all around you. If you work against the wall, you can’t move around to work. Stick to the centre of the room if you have the space in which to do it.

Friday 9th October



I have travelled to quite a few destinations including  Ulverston, Manchester, Preston, Morecambe, Blackpool, York and Blackburn  my own town.

It is easy to me. Shooting on location is like water off a ducks back, it comes naturally.

My heart sings with joy when I am out with my camera.

Our brief is we have to produce six images from the studio. This is where I get a bit stuck!

Studio is not my strong point. After putting it off for so many weeks I bit the bullet and entered this alien place.


This is a photo I took on my mobile phone as I was getting my equipment together.

I had an idea for shooting an apple. However  it didn’t really turn out as planned.

Spotting this beautiful chrome fan under a table I decided to put my  £10 wooden apple to one side and concentrate on the fan.

With lots of shapes and lighting giving beautiful highlights I concentrated on producing one good single image.

I shall bring my own tripod and really need to purchase a sync lead and hot shoe.


I don’t consider myself to be creative which is why I prefer location photography as opposed to studio.

My mind isn’t able to dream up creative scenarios.


I’m dyspraxic so things I am not confident with I tend to avoid at all costs.



I am going to practice at home with objects around the house.


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