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Tuesday 6th October 2015

I took this photo on the way to university this morning  These ducks caught my attention almost lined up in a row One of the ducks was standing on a stone which made it look like it was standing on water Though I liked the reflection of the sky it was the duck standing on the rock that made me stop and take a photograph.



I was drawn to the blood red of this wall. The vibrance of the red and the blue of the sky make it aesthetically pleasing. It instantly reminded me of William Eggleston’s ‘Red Ceiling’. The vast expanse of blood red and the contrast of the blue sky appealed to me.



These were taken on a different day. It was an extremely foggy morning, and the red was not so vibrant. It is still nonetheless striking, but it shows how lighting can take it that step further and makes it a more interesting photograph.


I took this on the way to university, it tickled me. This old chap in the middle of the road in his little mobility scooter, rush hour traffic.





Point of View

These photos I have taken from my bedroom window It isn’t a particularly nice scenic view but I have got used to seeing it now It is a chaotic mess which sort of sums up what is going on in my head


Michelle Ayers October 2015

This was taken on my mobile phone whilst I was on the train I was concentrating on movement Lonely black figure Almost ghostly in appearance It occurred to me how easy it is to manipulate photographs today


Michelle Ayers 16th October 2015

This Shop continues to fascinate me Everyday I walk by and find myself staring It’s a tough reminder of how hard it is today to run a business So many small businesses going bust closing down It’s tough competition The sheer shabiness of it attracts me The posters ripped Cardboard boxes piled high in the window Why did this particular shop close when others survive? It’s like it’s a fight for survival in a tough tough world


Michelle Ayers 13th October 2015


This was taken whilst travelling to Liverpool by car on the motorway The sky stood out dark moody with the inky silhouette of the trees


Michelle Ayers 13th October 2015


You can get some really interesting good shots whilst travelling in a car Here I only had my mobile phone available and wished I’d taken my dslr My inspiration is William Eggleston I often do lots of ‘mindless photography’ You get not so good photos But then amongst the not so good you get a gem That is what makes it worthwhile I tend to be hard on myself Every location shoot has got to produce something You can’t always be that lucky


Michelle Ayers 13th October 2015


Obsessed with that wing mirror! I noticed the reflection of the passing lorry in the wing mirror You can see close up the huge wheels and the undercarriage of the truck The sheer size of the vehicle had me looking at it in awe

20151016_172154Michelle Ayers 16th October 2015



Michelle Ayers October 2015



Michelle Ayers October 2015



Michelle Ayers October 2015



Michelle Ayers October 2015


Michelle Ayers October 2015

The Blue House



Michelle Ayers October 2015

Street Photography, Motion

2015-10-29 00.34.29

Michelle Ayers October 2015

Landscape, Abstract

2015-10-29 00.31.40

Michelle Ayers October 2015

Landscape,  Abstract


Michelle Ayers 31st October 2015


2015-11-01 12.33.43

Michelle Ayers 31st October 2015


2015-11-01 16.39.22

Michelle Ayers 28th October 2015

Street Photography,  Abstract

I got my inspiration from photographer Paul Hill

I saw this Billboard  whilst I was on my way to my doctors surgery  I knew it would make a good photograph  I didn’t have my camera on me so I decided to take a photo on my mobile phone to see what it looked like  I remembered from Paul Hills workshop to rotate photos and play with them  It worked really well with this photograph  It looks like a pathway because I rotated the image  So it gets the viewer studying the photo  Looking at it at different angles  and trying to work it out  But when you look at it the right way up  you can see what it is  But that’s the whole idea of drawing the viewer in.



Michelle Ayers  Friday 13th November

Broken Window


Michelle Ayers Friday 15th November

Broken Window


Michelle Ayers Friday 15th November

Broken Window

Taken at UCBC, this plastic panel has been broken in one piece. My mind boggles at the lack of respect nowadays.

20151116_115639_001 20151116_115637 20151116_115636 20151116_115634

Michelle Ayers, Staircase, Monday 16th November

What a beautiful piece of architecture Cool clean lines. This staircase has everything going for it. The fact that there are many floors gives it the wow factor. This is the fire exit stairwell at University Centre Blackburn College. Cool Contemporary.

I took these photos on my mobile phone, Samsung S6 curved edge. The highlights are stunning. In my mind.


Michelle Ayers, Truckstop, 7th November


Michelle Ayers, Truckstop, 7th November


Michelle Ayers, Truckstop, 7th November


Michelle Ayers, Truckstop, 7th November

Taken teatime, this trucker had parked up round the corner from my house. He was in his cab washing himself  (I know this because I saw a foot sticking out being dried with a towel).

I didn’t want to impose so I just took a few photos of his larder and quietly walked away. I’ve never seen anything like this before though and it fascinated me. Being a foreign truck driver he would need a well stocked larder. He had been to the supermarket across the road and bought fresh chicken.

I’m kicking myself now.

I should have gone back to see if he would have been happy to chat.

I feel comfortable talking with people of different nationality.

I would have liked to have watched him cook, for the raw chicken he would have had a little camping stove.

Wednesday 18th November

2015-11-17 19.26.35

Michelle Ayers,  Space,  18th November

2015-11-17 19.25.01

Michelle Ayers, Space, 18th November

These images I took on my mobile phone on my way home from university. I can see something that is so mundane that most people would walk by without a second thought. However I knew I could do something with the image. I have a new mobile phone  Samsung S6 edge and the quality of photos are quite good. You can edit them too, with these images I edited them to black and white and added contrast whilst reducing the brightness to make it dark which is what I wanted. I cropped both of these images also. Iwanted them to look like  ‘Space ‘. Another name I could give them is  ‘Black  Matter ‘. It’s about looking at the space around you even the most mundane you can get a photographic opportunity.


Michelle Ayers, Painted Window, Blackburn, 4th December

Michelle Ayers, ‘Blood’, Abstract, 9th December












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