Weekly Photograph 1, Richard Peregrine

Week 1

3 visual principles that are used in photography:


Visual Irony

The Decisive Moment

The decisive moment, timing, when you press the button to freeze that moment

Our task was to take 1 photograph that has two or three of the above principles

Submit jpeg image to a file on our groups hard drive into the file ‘weekly picture’

*NOTE we sent our photograph via email to our tutor, richard peregrine

Photographers to research for inspiration:

Eugene Richards

Robert Doisneau

Gordon Parks

Lee Friedlander

Garry Winogrand

I decided to catch a train to Manchester Victoria Station for this task. However, me being me, I ended up in Blackpool!. I was disappointed with myself, instead of getting off at the main Blackpool South Station I decided to get off at the stop before, outside Blackpool Pleasure Beach. I was not disappointed. As I walked round the corner I saw this Cowboy Figure climbing up a wall seemingly into a dinosaurs mouth. I had to stand near to the wall of the building for the correct juxtaposition. The figure was actually quite away from the dinosaur, but changing my position I managed to make it look like his head was in the dinosaurs mouth. So I ended up being happy with my ‘mistake’.


This photograph of a rollercoaster ride isn’t really linked to Juxtaposition,Irony or Decisive Moment. When I got off the train, a last minute decision to get off at the stop before, I walked round to the main street and was greeted with this cowboy figure climbing the wall seemingly into the mouth of a dinosaur! So I was lucky in the fact that I managed to get my image straight away. I decided to have a walk along the front to see if I could get any more photographs. I must say, this is the first time I have visited a place and took less than 10 photographs on my journey. So I decided to add the photographs to my page, just to show the work that I did.

IMG_9688       IMG_9694IMG_9692

The three images above are the originals. I chose the last image because it worked the best, there is space between the cowboys hat and the dinosaurs teeth.

IMG_9695 IMG_9696

I know drunks/homeless people were on the list as a no no, but this poor chap had artificial legs. Sat in a bus shelter with cap in front of him on the floor ‘begging’ for money.


I took this as a split second decision. The traffic lights were on red and the horse and cart was waiting for them to go green. It was mostly the exposure I was focussing on here rather what was going on in the frame.


This beautiful German Shepherd Dog caught my eye staring through the railings on the sea front.

Juxtaposition Visual Irony The Decisive moment

This photograph of the blind woman outside specsavers I took in Bolton in March 2015, as it had all three of the criteria Juxtaposition, Visual Irony and Decisive Moment, I decided to add it as a reference.

Juxtaposition Visual Irony The Decisive Moment
This is my FINAL IMAGE that I submitted for the brief.

I have added the original photographs so that you can see how I have edited my final image. In photoshop, I changed to black & white and added contrast and cropped the image for the end result.


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